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Reposting the original video.. i have posted and update, please be sure to watch that, i knew that by sharing my all to common story and allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of the world that i might light a fire of change. Now we have national attention on this epidemic. 🙌🏼 #Vet #veteran #mentalhealth #veteransoftiktok #veteransaffairs #vets

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Continuity of Care is so important. It applies to anyone who is struggling with Mental Health issues. This lesson became painfully evident in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Children asking where a certain person was who helped them. Why weren’t they there? Where were they? Why can’t I talk to them?

All the resources that had rushed in to help… left a short time afterwards. A void or “vaccum of care” was left behind. A void filled by strangers. Survivors having to relive the events of that day to a new person. For some, being re-trauimatized because different helpers were here.

This is not throwing shade… or in anyway minimizing the effort, impact and help so many provided… short and long term. It seems to be the nautre of a mass casualty event. Everyone rushes into help…

Trauma-informed care shifts the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” When there is no Continuity of Care then… that becomes part of “What happened to you.”

@averagefloridaman said it best “I have to open f##king Pandora’s Box again…”

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