K9 First Responders, Inc. (K9FR) is a Critical Incident Mental Health Support (CIMHS) organization.  K9FR Teams utilize Trauma-Informed Care and Zero-Hour Behavioral Health Management techniques to bridge the gap between a traumatic event and the connection to mental health supports.  A compassionate presence leveraging the human-canine bond helping restore a person’s emotional and cognitive equilibrium.

K9 First Responder: A handler and dog trained as an “all-hazards” psychological trauma response team.

The first contact with an impacted individual is important.  If managed in a respectful and compassionate way, it can help establish an effective helping relationship and increase the person’s receptiveness to further help.  Our trauma informed approach is supported by medical and scientific research.

K9FR Teams assist victims of disaster, catastrophe, crisis or violence.  We serve communities and individuals as well as Police, Fire, EMS and other Public Safety personnel.  Our interactions foster individual and community resilience.

Visit the ABOUT page as it has a great deal of information regarding various topics of interest.

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  1. Thank you for the good work that you do. You will getting a donation to your organization through Cali tge Maltopooo’s birthday card drive.

  2. I recently had the opportunity to meet 2 of these wonderful dogs and their trainers. A friend & colleague was tragically murdered during a motor vehicle stop on May 22nd. These angels showed up at the funeral home where we met to honor our friends return home! They also were at our PD the next morning. There is nothing more comforting then a dog!
    Thank you for the wonderful service you provide!

  3. Thank you for your love of those in need! Bless each and every pup, handler, etc on this wonderful adventure!!👏❤️🐺🤗

  4. Thank you for being at #marchforourlives Boston.
    I got to meet gentle giant Benjamin Franklin.
    Your work does not go unnoticed.

  5. Words can’t express how amazing your organization is. I have not experienced these beautiful animals, but it touches my heart to know the great work you’re all doing. Dogs are the key to happiness.

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