Noteable Deployments


K9FR Teams have responded to:

Feb 2017 > Smyrna, DE prison siege, hostage taking & homicide (link)

Oct 2016 > I.M.P.A.C.T. 2016, MCI Level 3 / Active Shooter (link)

Aug 2016 > Vernon, CT House Explosion (link)

May 2016 > Officer Tarentino LODD, Auburn, MA (link)

Feb 2016 > Bus Accident & Rollover, Madison, CT (link)

July 2015 > Arrigoni Bridge Incident, Middletown, CT (link)

June 2015 > Jonathan Law High School, Milford CT (link)

May 2015 > Dawson Avenue Beach, West Haven, CT (link)

December 2014 > Cheshire High School, Cheshire, CT (link)

November 2014 > RMT Johnson School, Bethel, CT (link)

May 2014 > Harborside Middle School, Milford, CT (link)

April 2014 > Jonathan Law High School, Milford, CT (link)

March 2014 > RHAM Middle School, Hebron, CT (link)

Jan 2014 > RHAM High School, Hebron, CT (link)

May 2013 > Fairfield, CT train derailment (link)

April 2013 > Boston Marathon bombings (link)

Dec 2012 > Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy,  Newtown, CT (link)

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