What is K9 First Responders, Inc. (K9FR)?

A Critical Incident Mental Health Support (CIMHS) organization that provides aid and comfort to victims of disaster, catastrophe or violence by means of specially trained dog teams.  We provide CIMHS support from event occurrence to the time mental health support services can be introduced.

What is a dog team?

K9 First Responder: A handler and dog trained as an “all hazards psychological trauma response team” supporting the re-establishment of emotional and cognitive equilibrium of a person impacted by psychological trauma.

What does a K9FR Team do?

K9FR teams help victims of disaster, catastrophe or violence physically relax and mentally decompress. The handler receives specialized training in psychological trauma support and uses that training in combination with their dog to assist those impacted by a traumatic event.

Why is a dog present?

Scientists have known for decades that dogs help the physical and mental well being of people. That premise has been extended to helping those impacted by traumatic events.

What training do your teams go through?

Our teams go through extensive evaluation, training and education. Visit the discussion of our training to learn more.

Where are your teams located?

Teams are located in several regions throughout Connecticut and New England.

How do I contact them?  Which team do I call?

Call our 24/7 telephone number at +1 (203) 951-1494. The closest available team to your local area will respond. If a response requires additional support, K9FR will provide additional support and deploy auxiliary teams.  Non-emergency matters may be sent via e-mail at our contact page.

Are you insured?

K9FR is insured by Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance and carries General Liability, Social Service Liability, Business Auto Liability and Personal/Advertising Injury coverages.  When responding under local, state or federal government request, the “Volunteer Protection Act of 1997’’ or as Civil Preparedness Forces, under Connecticut General Statute, Title 28, Chapter 517, Sec. 28-1 (5) may also apply.

Do you charge for your services?

K9FR does not charge for its services.   We are a 100% volunteer organization.  We are supported by a variety of local, regional and national companies and organizations.  All monies go directly to our education, training, deployment costs and operational expenses.  K9FR is an approved tax-exempt Public Charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and registered with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.  We do accept donations.

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