K9FR Teams are often called upon by local agencies or municipalities.  The authority having jurisdiction can activate our agency.  There are varied levels of response.  The three levels of deployment are:

Limited:  One or two dog teams providing support in a very limited scope and time frame.  A coordinator is not required.  No rotation required.

Partial: Three to five dog teams responding to a critical event requiring multi-day presence but in a defined and limited role, with no or minimal rotation and a defined demobilization date.  A coordinator may be required depending upon the scope and nature of support.

Full: Multiple squads supporting a multi-day deployment without a clear demobilization date and requiring team rotations.

K9FR teams are organized as squads.  A squad consists of a:

A) Senior coordinator
B) Logistics/Communications person
C) Liaison for Law Enforcement/Emergency Medical Services/Mental Health Services
D) 4-6 dog teams

The K9FR framework is designed to have a K9FR team partner with a mental health professional or work independently as requested.  This approach encourages one-to-one connection and engagement.  The result is an intimate environment that fosters communication, openness and healing.

FEMA categorizes K9FR as a Strike Team within the Incident Command System (ICS) under the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  K9FR is classified as Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF #8).

FEMA is arranged into ten regions.  K9FR is headquartered in Region I

FEMA Regions1

Connecticut and Massachusetts personnel also receive detailed training regarding state specific deployment protocols.

K9FR Teams are scheduled to work 2-4 hour shifts.  Mutual aid agreements are in place to provide additional squads and dog teams to allow for rotation of dogs as not to adversely impact their well-being.

We serve varied clients: Schools, hospitals, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency management, emergency medical services, public health, businesses, social support services, churches and municipalities.

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