Team Qualifications

A K9FR team is comprised of a handler and therapy dog. The prospective team must be a member in good standing with an established and recognized therapy dog organization. The team overall needs to have a background and visitation profile that compliments the K9FR mission.

The human part of the team is interviewed by the K9FR evaluation panel. This allows all parties to get to know each other and explores the suitability of the prospective team.

Individuals are welcome to join without a dog to provide operational support. These individuals must complete all non-canine K9FR training to qualify for a operations support position.

The prospective team is then evaluated in the field. This evaluation is in settings the team will most likely encounter. It provides insight into the dog and handler over a period of time.


Team members are thoroughly vetted.   The reason being is that we often deal with children and individuals who are vulnerable due to traumatic events.   Our vetting process is consistent with government standards for crisis response work.

We research backgrounds in the following areas:

~ Identity
~ Criminal History
~ National Sex Offender Registry
~ Driver’s History
~ Motor Vehicle Records

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