Petco Foundation Grant

Petco Foundation, Petco and Petco store partners awarded K9FR a $2500.00 grant in January 2017.  This grant was used to support our deployment to the Smyrna, DE prison uprising, siege and hostage taking/killing in February 2017.

K9FR spent 9 days inside the prison 24/7 meeting with staff, corrections officers, Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a hostage providing aid and comfort.  As well as responding to needs outside the facility.

Petco Foundation’s grant allowed our teams to be there as along as needed.  It is corporate support like this which enables K9FR to accomplish its mission without charging fees or passing along costs.  Thank you Petco Foundation, Petco and Petco store partners for your support!  You helped us help over 250 people impacted by that horrific event.

Note: Corporate support is very important to K9FR’s operation.  However, we choose not to acknowledge that support while on-scene or immediately after a horrific tragedy.  This is out of an abundance of caution.  We do not want to our benefactors to possibly be viewed as “trying to capitalize” on the media coverage of the moment.  Our corporate benefactors support K9FR, not out need for recognition, because they truly want to help make a difference.  Kindly take a moment to show them some support in return.

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