How can a school crisis affect students?

How can a school crisis affect students?

It can affect students greatly, and it can cause depression. It can cause students to start thinking about suicide if the situation is not handled appropriately and if crisis intervention doesn’t happen immediate. It can affect their grades. It can affect their self-esteem. It can affect how they view others around them, and that’s why effective crisis intervention is so important, because if students don’t feel like the adults, the school can take care of them, then they have a loss of trust, and a loss of trust can cause students not to even want to come to school.

This video clip is part of the series “Mental Health During A School Crisis“.

Michael Dorn and Sonayia Shepherd (School Safety Analysts) gives expert video advice on: What is a school “crisis intervention team”?;  What steps should a school take to minimize trauma in a crisis?;  What are some common responses after a school crisis? and more…

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